Console-UI Front End Application

  • new feature: added MSVC8 project/solution files, minor refactoring for VC compatibility

Core Emulator Library

  • doc: added tarball of emuwiki api documentation from 2010-01-06 for backup purposes
  • clean-up: removed almost all of the ifdef WIN32 statements
  • bugfix: stop spamming console with “Core: couldn’t open memory pack file ‘…’ for reading” messages
  • bugfix: stop spamming console with “Core: couldn’t open eeprom file ‘…’ for reading” messages
  • new feature: MSVC8 project file for mupen64plus-core, refactored code for VC8 compatibility

Audio-SDL Plugin

  • new feature: Completely re-wrote buffering/synchronization code:
  • Buffer parameters now work as advertised and all use the same units
  • Bugfix: previous defaults and algorithm behavior caused audio choppiness on slower PCs
  • Bugfix: maximum speed was previously limited to low value by constraints from primary buffer size
  • bugfix: SDL volume control will always be used on systems without OSS support
  • new feature: added MSVC8 project file, minor code refactoring to build in Windows

Input-SDL Plugin

  • new feature: added MSVC8 project file, minor code refactoring for VC compatibility
  • added auto-configuration for:
  • Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver
  • PS3 controller
  • Jess Tech Dual Analog Pad

RSP-HLE Plugin

  • New feature: added MSVC8 project file for RSP-HLE plugin, fixed a few minor incompatibilities

Rice Video Plugin

  • bugfix: fix fragment program combiner for Intel drivers in Win32, by ensuring that program does not allocate unused temp vars or call TEX commands for texture units that are not enabled
  • new feature: compile-time option for opengl debugging by calling glGetError after each opengl command (except inside of glBegin/glEnd)
  • portability: use ALIGN() for aligned data member declarations in header files as well as the definitions in CPP files
  • portability: refactor opengl code to use VidExt_GL_GetProc() for all opengl functions newer than v1.1, so that this will work in Windows
  • portability: Abstracted directory-handling code with new osal_files source code
  • portability: replaced unix gettimeofday() function calls with SDL_GetTicks()
  • new feature: added MSVC8 project file, fixed minor incompatibilities with VC compiler