Console-UI Front End Application

  • New feature: command-line option –set for setting arbitrary configuration variables
  • updated MAN page for all the changes made in the 2.0 re-architecture

Core Emulator Library

  • New feature: configuration function !ConfigGetParameterType()
  • New feature: up to 1000 screenshots per ROM are allowed
  • New feature: support for Gameshark 3.3 patch codes
  • Bugfix: Use Dynarec by default when core supports it. If dynarec is selected but unavailable, fall back to cached interpreter
  • Bugfix: screenshot directory handling code used unix-specific path separators; now is platform-independent
  • Bugfix: #313 - 64-bit inline assembly code in r4300/x86_64/rjump.c needs to have underscores before the symbols names in OSX
  • Bugfix: old bug in the core - hang if a ROM without a 16kb EEPROM type is loaded after a ROM with a 16kb EEPROM type
  • Bugfix: rumble feature caused memory corruption
  • Bugfix: Problem with zilmar API: the plugin !RomOpen() functions had no way of returning errors to the core, causing crashes
  • Replaced api documentation .tar.gz file with the mediawiki text
  • Build script improvements:
    • new feature: script can take an input argument to update to a tag or revision
    • new feature: added bash script for building source packages of individual modules

Audio-SDL Plugin

  • sync with core/plugin API change for !RomOpen()
  • bugfix: logical error in previous audio refactoring causing slowdown/lockup on loading savestate or re-initializing audio

Input-SDL Plugin

  • New feature: auto-configuration uses an .ini file instead of hard-coding the controllers in the source code
  • New controller auto-configurations:
    • Original X-Box (and compatible clones)
    • !HuiJia USB !GamePad
    • USB Human(2p) Interface Device
  • sync with core/plugin API change for !RomOpen()
  • Bugfix: controller pak was fixed at startup, switching b/w mempak and rumblepak did not work
  • Bugfix: Xbox 360 and PS3 controllers need slightly different names under OSX

Rice Video Plugin

  • sync with core/plugin API change for !RomOpen()
  • Changed default !ScreenUpdateSetting to 1 for Linux, and 4 for Windows
  • use custom opengl extension function pointer typedefs, to avoid compilation errors with some drivers including hosed gl.h headers
  • merged some changes from Tillin9 commits in r1142-rice-video-gtk-refactor branch, to be more lenient in hi-res texture loading
  • bugfix: hi-res textures did not work in Windows
  • bugfix: #329: remove some deprecated types and a function call to prevent build errors with libpng 1.4
  • bugfix: fixed mirroring bugs in Rice Video hi-resolution texture loading, based on Tillin9 rev 1337 in r1142-rice-video-gtk-refactor branch
  • bugfix: in !ConvertImage.cpp none of the 4-bit conversion functions could handle 1-pixel wide textures