Console-UI Front End Application

  • add some parameter checking for –emumode option
  • new cheat file format from spinout182
  • makefile fixes and improvements

Core Emulator Library

  • Added some type checking to !ConfigGetParameter() function, and a new error type
  • Bugfix: avoid segfault in the video extension code if SDL initialization fails (because video plugin fails)
  • Added new !CoreGetRomSettings() function for front-ends
  • Allow to run dynarec in hardware DEP protected windows
  • Allow core .cfg parser to accept strings without quotes around them
  • API change: use new !ReadScreen2() video plugin function
  • New re-entrant R4300 disassembler, from tty68k/zzt32, a man who loves MIPS processors
  • makefile fixes and improvements, code cleanups

Audio-SDL Plugin

  • Bugfix: Plugin should write default config values at startup time
  • Bugfix: fixed fast-forward for banjo-kazooie and other games which was broken due to limitation in basic resampling algorithm
  • makefile fixes and improvements

Input-SDL Plugin

  • Bugfix: Do configuration during !PluginStart(), so GUI will see defaults (auto-configured) the first time it is run
  • Move axis value reducers to right shift and right ctrl, to avoid conflict with A/B buttons
  • New feature: extra deadzone parameter in axis() config parameter clause when mapping an analog joystick axis to an N64 button
  • many new joystick auto-configurations
  • makefile fixes and improvements

Rice Video Plugin

  • new feature: anisotropic filtering
  • new feature: trilinear filtering
  • new feature: mipmaps
  • cleaned up !FindScaleFactor function based upon r45 of the 1964 repo
  • bugfix: buffer overrun (and crash) when reading vendor string info on some opengl implementations
  • API change for reading the video buffer: new interface is more flexible and avoids some potential problems
  • support for anti-aliasing (GL_MULTISAMPLE)
  • makefile fixes, improvements, and code cleanups

RSP-HLE Plugin

  • merged all big-endian fixes from mupen64gc project
  • makefile fixes and improvements