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This is a list of official distribution packages or work which will result in an inclusion in the distribution. It should help to find contact persons and to aid users in their search for packages.

Distribution Status Description
Arch Linux community maintained
Debian maintained
Fedora impossible Many types of emulators aren't allowed in Fedora. It can still be compiled from source. Third party RPM may also be available
FreeBSD maintained
Gentoo maintained
Mandriva maintained Part of contrib
OpenBSD maintained
openSUSE maintained
sabayon indirectly maintained
Ubuntu indirectly maintained The Debian package will be synced by Ubuntu from time to time and are not directly maintained by the Ubuntu maintainers. Newer versions of the package (directly uploaded from Debian) can be found in the Debian maintainers PPA. There is also an extra repository which gets random experimental versions of the packages, but not necessarily newer versions.
OS X Homebrew community maintained Apple doesn't provide an official package for OS X, but a version of mupen64plus can be build through the Homebrew Package manager when using the Homebrew-Games Formulas.